How Small Businesses Can Thrive During the Pandemic

It’s no secret that Covid-19 has presented small business owners with perhaps the toughest challenge imaginable. Just when it seemed we were in the clear, the Omicron variant began to spread like wildfire, causing a new wave of shutdowns in some states. While growing a healthy business is tough enough, months of economic shutdown followed by inconsistent sales forced many small business owners to close their doors… some for good. On the other hand, small businesses in some industries found themselves much busier than before, with an influx in opportunities related to the pandemic. While this sounds like a blessing, sudden, rapid growth is actually one of the main challenges small business owners face and can cause havoc if they aren’t armed with the resources to take proper advantage.

The scenarios mentioned above outline how important it is for virtually every merchant to explore all options available to them, including specialty finance. Also known as alternative finance, specialty finance refers to private lenders who can supply small businesses with quick, robust sums of working capital they can use to navigate through difficult times or excel during busy periods. MobyCap has established itself as the premier private lender in the space, with numerous customer service awards from Lending Tree and an average deal size roughly four times the industry average. We’ve managed to achieve this status by offering several key advantages that traditional lending institutions like big banks cannot offer. These include:

  • Speed – We have closed thousands of deals within mere hours or days, while traditional banks often take weeks or even months to generate approvals. We understand the urgency many of our clients feel when searching for funding and strive to move extremely quickly while exceeding expectations every step of the way.
  • Amounts up to $5M – Thanks to our superior resources (we are backed by a $100M line with Silicon Valley Bank), experience, and industry connections, we stand head and shoulders above other private lenders in terms of our ability to fund large sums. While we can help businesses of all sizes secure funding, we’ve become the premier option for transactions of $100k and above and fund multi-million-dollar deals with regularity.
  • Customer service – While many traditional banks plug numbers into an algorithm, provide a loan estimate and move on, we dedicate an entire team to each customer from the time we first make contact until funding and even afterward when our clients are ready to take on more working capital.
  • Uncollateralized funding – While no two banks use the exact same underwriting parameters, they have one thing in common: they virtually all require assets as collateralization to offer approvals. Many small businesses, especially those with asset-light business models, are simply unable to meet these requirements and are thus turned away by their bank.
  • Customized Options – Perhaps the greatest advantage we offer is the ability to create truly customized deals around our clients’ needs. Because we are a direct funder and strive to create long-lasting relationships with each of our customers, we often design payment schedules that maximize the customer’s chances of using our money to enhance their business without putting it in any sort of financial jeopardy. Moreover, unlike many of our competitors, we also regularly urge customers not to move forward with deals if it isn’t in the best interest of their short and long-term success — even if they’ve already been approved.

The ongoing pandemic continues to present new challenges, making it paramount for merchants to understand all their options if a need for working capital arises. When you factor in the current global supply-chain issues, small businesses are arguably facing more challenges now than they did throughout much of 2020. Whether merchants want or need to utilize bridge funding to secure inventory, expansion, payroll, staffing or any other reason, cultivating a relationship with a premier private lender offers no downside.

We don’t run hard credit pulls or require any sort of personal guarantee to underwrite, so there’s nothing to lose and much to gain if your business could benefit from an influx of working capital. If you’re interested in speaking to a funding specialist about your options, don’t hesitate to Apply Now or call (737) 577-1180. Thank you, we look forward to working with you and are confident we can be an asset to your business.

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