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Amount: $500,000 | Term: 16 months | Used funding for: Machinery purchase | Background: A growing cannabis processor needed funds to purchase a vital piece of machinery that would dramatically increase production capacity. The owner didn’t want to give up equity and was unable to find an alternative lender that would work with a cannabis company until she connected with MobyCap. Due to our experience in the space and wide array of flexible options, we were able to secure her a term loan that met all her needs within 72 hours.

Amount: $600,000 | Term: 9 months | Used funding for: Overdue receivables | Background: Our client had several projects in the pipeline, but like many other construction companies, they had an extensive accounts receivable ledger. Using a flexible merchant cash advance solution, MobyCap quickly provided the client with the funding it needed to cover costs while including a discount for early payoff. This allowed them to focus on future endeavors while saving money on the cost of capital.

Amount: $300,000 | Term: 12 months | Used funding for: Web development | Background: After deciding to add a new line of products to its offerings, an e-commerce merchant concluded that redesigning its website was necessary. The client needed a sizable amount of money and wanted to pay the amount back using a percentage of sales since business would slow down until the project was finished. The funding team at MobyCap met these needs with a merchant cash advance, which allowed the client to complete the project before paying off its balance early when sales increased.

Amount: $250,000 | Term: 10 months | Used funding for: New office | Background: A privately-owned healthcare practice was looking to open a third location, but it was struggling to obtain financing for expansion. Although the practice was quite successful, personal credit challenges prohibited traditional business loans. Although MobyCap considers credit during the underwriting process, our team also looks at other key data points that can compensate for poor credit. The practice’s long positive operating history was enough for our team to secure the funding necessary to grow the practice.

Amount: $1,000,000 x 2 | Term: 10 months | Used funding for: Covering cash flow deficiency | Background: A property management company specializing in high-end vacation rentals needed help dealing with the extreme seasonality of their business. Two times per year for roughly 60 days, cash flow is very limited. MobyCap advanced funds to the client prior to the slow seasons to match gaps in cash flow. Our funding team also secured a significant early payment discount so the business could save money by paying its balance off early.

Amount: $300,000 Term: 6 months Used funding for: New equipment Background: A manufacturer ran into trouble and needed funds quickly to pay for new equipment to keep operations running efficiently. Our business funding team secured the desired amount within the same business day and our client received their new equipment before the end of the week. The manufacturer enjoyed MobyCap’s quick turnaround time for a merchant cash advance and came back when their next need for business funding arose.

Amount: $5 million Term: N/A (Invoice Factoring) Used funding for: Operations Background: A busy Oil & Gas provider struggled when many of its customers were late paying their invoices. In order to pay for continuing operations, the company needed to turn its outstanding receivables into cash quickly. MobyCap’s funding team used an invoice factoring solution to pay the client quickly for its outstanding AR, allowing it to focus on future business without worrying about collections.

Amount: $500,000 Term: 12 months Used funding for: Down payment Background: A successful seasonal dining establishment had the opportunity to buy the lot next door to help alleviate parking problems, due to the massive crowds it attracted during the busy season. MobyCap provided funding within 48 hours, allowing the merchant good put in a strong bid that secured the lot. The speed of the financing was the most important factor in this case, as the merchant was able to better serve its customers after the transaction.

Amount: $700,000 Term: 8 months Used funding for: Acquisition Background: A successful New York-based staffing company had the opportunity to acquire a smaller regional competitor. Taking money out of the business’ operating account to make this purchase could have left the operator in a precarious position with its current and newly-acquired working capital requirements. MobyCap advanced the merchant funds that helped the transition into managing new cash flow demands.

Amount: $2,500,000 Term: 6 months Used funding for: Vehicle purchase Background: A regional trucking company added a large contract with Amazon that called for an additional 50 vehicles and 250 employees. MobyCap provided short-term bridge funding as the merchant waited for the bank to increase its existing line of credit. This transaction was complete only four days from our initial conversation with the merchant, illustrating the speed our team operates at for clients in need of quick funding.

Manufacturing - Bridge financing
Construction - extremely helpful
Distribution - exceeded expectations
Transportation - Impressed with our team

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