How The Fallout of the Ukraine Conflict Will Impact Small Businesses

For weeks now, Russia has waged a war in Ukraine that has resulted in harsh economic sanctions handed down from many of the most powerful countries in the world. While these sanctions could significantly impact on Russia’s ability to prolong the conflict, they will also have global repercussions given its status as one of the largest players in the energy sector. The timing of all this is especially unfortunate considering the world economy was showing signs of emerging from a two-year period marred by the Covid-19 pandemic and supply chain jams. Now that the United States has pledged to stop importing Russian energy, gas prices have quickly risen, throwing another wrench into the plans of small and medium-sized business owners.

Given the multitude of obstacles impeding the recovery, virtually every industry could be impacted either directly or indirectly. Some unforeseen opportunities could arise for businesses in industries like logistics, manufacturing, and even oil & gas. While such businesses will surely be pleasantly surprised by the influx of additional opportunities, they will also need the resources with which to take them on. In this case, a customized funding solution from a private lender can be extremely valuable. Whether these projects require a quick influx of capital that can be paid back over a short period of time, stretched out over a longer term, or via a personalized payment schedule, all are things MobyCap can accommodate. Because we can provide up to $5M in small business funding, complete deals within one business day of receiving documents and offer a wide array of options, we’re confident we can help virtually any business that meets our minimal requirements.

Conversely, many others could be hindered in the short term, including those that rely heavily on inventory and uninterrupted cash flow. In these instances, MobyCap offers multiple funding options designed to help our clients bridge the gap when business is slow or accounts receivable lag. Like the other solutions we offer, these “bridge funding” options are rather customizable based on the unique needs of each of our clients. As a hedge against uncertainty, we often approve deals for a longer-term while also including discounts for an early payoff, in case business picks up, receivables arrive, or new opportunities present themselves in the near term. Such options are unheard of at traditional banks and are just one of the reasons we’ve won over thousands of clients who see the value in working with a private lender who will go to great lengths to help their businesses thrive in the good times and protect themselves against unforeseen setbacks.

Because we don’t need many documents to underwrite and don’t require any sort of personal guarantee or hard credit pull, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain if your business could benefit from exploring their working capital options. Don’t hesitate to call (737) 577-1180 or submit your information through the Contact Us page to connect with a funding specialist. You can also simply Apply Now if you’re ready to get started.

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