Why You Should Consider Alternate Funding Instead of Waiting for a Stimulus Package

The U.S. Government is in serious gridlock right now over another stimulus check to individuals and businesses. It’s anyone’s guess how long it’s going to take before something happens to change that and make it so that more funds become available. Fortunately, there is an alternate solution if your a business that needs funding now to stay alive and thrive.

The Problem with Waiting for the Government

While the government has launched numerous programs this year to help provide funding for struggling businesses such as EIDL and others, it often took a significant amount of time for them to pass these programs since the two different parties in the U.S. are in constant conflict and just about everything one tries to do is opposed by the other.

Given what happened in the recent election as well as in other elections, there is every reason to believe that this state of affairs is likely to continue into the foreseeable future.

Relief Promises

It’s been months since the last stimulus, and a new one was proposed all the way back in the summer. There have been multiple such bills, including the HEROES act. Nothing has happened since then at all. Instead, the two sides have done nothing but bicker over the exact details of stimulus proposals.

So, if you hear anyone promising that a bill to help out your business is just around the corner, you should regard this proposal with a hefty amount of skepticism given the situation. The most recent proposed bill was a fraction of the amount of the main bill this year.

There is a likelihood that relief will come at some point. Various government officials have promised it in the new year, and with some changes on the way in terms of the government, there’s reason to believe it may actually happen after next January.

This leaves the problem of what to do in the meantime.

Holding Out

There’s no doubt that COVID has had a massive effect on the economy. In some cases, it has completely obviated entire business models. Some businesses are only able to operate at half or less capacity during the restrictions imposed by governments due to COVID. Other businesses have actually just hibernated until the world changes back to a state similar to the way it was before.

All of this still requires businesses to generate enough income to keep their doors open, however, both figuratively and literally. Businesses still have costs, and they still have to pay rent for their locations. They still have to pay their employees something to retain them and to avoid having to start all over again.

Many businesses were relying on the government stimulus funds to keep themselves from closing their doors forever. Those are running out now, however.

Waiting for the government for the funding you need to try out a new business strategy that specifically caters to the COVID condition, or that simply helps your business survive for long enough for COVID to end or at least get better is a poor idea, however.

You may be waiting for much longer than you think, and help may come too late.

An Alternate Solution: MobyCap

Instead, it makes sense to use a company like MobyCap for a loan. You could end up with approval in a surprisingly short amount of time. Plus, you can always use any funds that come later to help pay off the loan.

Here are some advantages to using MobyCap-

  • Use Government Funding Later for a Loan Now-If you receive a loan through MobyCap, you can use any funds that you get from the government to pay off the loan later on, whenever that funding arrives. This means that getting a loan now makes it as if you did get the government funding now. This way, you can receive the money you need now, when you need it, instead of later when it may be far too late. Many experts agree that some kind of stimulus for businesses is going to come at some point. However, if that point comes too late for your business, then it doesn’t help you at all. MobyCap can help you remedy this situation.
  • Rely on MobyCap’s Vast Experience- MobyCap has secured approximately $1 billion in funding for clients over the last ten years. This means that they’ve encountered many different situations with business clients in many different fields. Such experience makes it much more likely that they will be able to help you locate the exact loan you need when you need it, instead of having to wait around for months in hope that the government gets its act together.
  • Receive a Loan of up to $5 Million- This isn’t a small amount of money you can get either. You can get millions of dollars. Some businesses have fallen into serious debt due to the pandemic making staying viable in these conditions difficult, and they will need a significant amount of funding to keep afloat. Other companies need a decent amount of money to realize their pandemic-specific business plans.
  • Speed-The amount of time it will take to receive your funding is a highly important consideration because your business may not have a lot of time left. While no one has any idea when the government will be sending out more funds for businesses, you can receive a loan from MobyCap in a single day, depending on the situation. If everything lines up right, you could go through the application process online, talk to an agent, and then receive the funds in your account in just a single day instead of months or possibly never.

Many Types of Loans

Another advantage of MobyCap is that you can choose from different types of loans that fit your business perfectly.

For example, there are-

  • Merchant Cash Advances-These let you easily get the cash you need quickly without having to go through a huge process. If you need money now before something bad happens, you should focus on speed.
  • SBA Loans-These loans have requirements on them, including a Fico score over 680, having two years in business, and at least a million dollars in annual revenue. However, they are backed up by the SBA and often allow for more flexibility.
  • Business Lines of Credit-This type of loan is especially useful for small businesses. This way, you can set a certain amount of funding within a limit. That way, you can use the funds whenever you need to do so, and the amount of interest will be based on only what you borrow. After all, you never know exactly what you’re going to need ahead of time due to the chaotic nature of life under a pandemic and the need to wait for government funding. This way, you can minimize what you borrow and cease borrowing altogether if the funds that you need happen to come in from the government at a later date. MobyCap makes sure to get you the best rates possible on this line of credit as well so that you keep your costs low while you try to recover.

Dedicated Customer Service Agents

In these uncertain times, it helps to have a guide. MobyCap will assign those applying for certain loans to a dedicated customer service agent. This agent will help guide you along the way to getting your desired outcome quickly.

With the government often offering dubious guidance as to what business owners should do and when they will even be able to supply support, MobyCap agents will be there to guide you right away. They can make recommendations based on your exact situation and what you need to succeed. They can then help you get those funds as quickly as possible, including as fast as a single day.

Easy to Use and Follow

Unlike the constant uncertainty connected with COVID relief from the government, getting a loan from MobyCap is trivially easy-


First, you have to apply. You can do this simply by clicking “Get Funds” in the upper right corner of the MobyCap home page. ¬†Then, you’ll have to fill out some information about the loan you’re looking for as well as the specifics about you and your business.

Choose a Plan

Next, you will schedule a meeting with an agent and talk about what kind of plan you want for funding. They will be an expert in business funding and highly motivated to help you get exactly what you need. You can talk to them about any questions or concerns you have, and they will help guide you through finalizing the process.

Receive Funds

Next, the application will be reviewed, if everything goes smoothly, then you’ll receive the funds in your account as quickly as one day.

For more information on how this all works, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. The faster you contact us, the faster we can get started on helping you have the best possibility of receiving the funds that you need as fast as possible.

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