Invoice Factoring

While full accounts receivable ledgers can be signs of healthy sales, slow collection times can hinder a business’s growth. Instead of using revenue to cover expenses, businesses are forced to operate shorthanded until recovering outstanding balances. This can hinder future projects and ultimately cost businesses more in the long run. Moby Capital offers invoice factoring (also known as accounts receivable factoring) to merchants looking to bypass the collection period and focus on using revenue for future endeavors.

Invoice factoring is a relatively simple process. After reviewing the state of the business and the outstanding accounts receivable, our funding experts will determine all available options. Depending on the terms, merchants can receive offers covering as much as 90% of outstanding AR. However, there are several factors that can affect this, and offers tend to vary case by case. Under the right circumstances, this solution can be quite valuable for companies that need cash quickly without enduring the laborious application process for a business loan. Moreover, factoring offers peace of mind to businesses who don’t want to worry about AR collections or repayment schedules.

The team at MobyCap would be happy to discuss AR factoring and any other business funding options available to you. We assign a dedicated agent to each file, which sets us apart from other invoice factoring companies that simply plug numbers into an algorithm. Please call 512-686-7747 or submit your info via the Contact Us page to speak with a funding expert. You can also Apply Now quickly and securely to get started.

*MobyCap is not providing funding to new/startup companies at this time. We require a business to be operational for at least a year and generating at least $50k in revenue per month to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Invoice Factoring is an alternative financing solution that allows businesses to leverage their outstanding accounts receivable while generating immediate funding.

Companies in many different industries can benefit from this alternative to business loans. Due to relatively high average AR in the technology, manufacturing, and staffing industries, companies in these sectors are especially strong candidates for invoice factoring.

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