Working Capital

Perhaps the most crucial component small business owners need for growth is working capital. Defined as current assets – current liabilities, working capital most often refers to cash that can be reinvested into the business to facilitate day-to-day operations and take advantage of growth opportunities. These opportunities could include purchasing inventory at a discount, running marketing campaigns to drive business, hiring additional staff to take advantage of busier periods, or even expanding into new locations. Because scaling upward is the most difficult challenge virtually every small business faces, a well-timed influx of cash can be the difference between thriving and simply staying afloat.

While traditional small business loans from a bank used to be the only option for small business owners, alternatives have emerged that offer much more speed and flexibility with less documentation. MobyCap is considered the premier specialty funder in the alternative finance space due to our ability to offer truly customized small business funding tailored to our clients’ exact needs. Virtually everyone on our elite team of funding experts has experience starting or running a small business, which helps us gain a deep understanding of the role we play in our customers’ growth. We’ve created a streamlined process designed to maximize the speed and ease with which we can present all available options, and can even secure same-day funding in many cases. Our clients also benefit from our superior suite of resources, which allows us to fund up to $5m in one transaction. All this is to say that, whether a merchant is seeking $50k or $1m in working capital, the MobyCap team will leave no stone unturned when seeking the best available options.

Working Capital Loan Options

Because we know each business is unique, we’ve rolled out a suite of funding options designed to leverage the strengths of our customers’ businesses. These items include revenue advances for those who require speed and flexibility, term loans for others who value stability and a fixed payback structure, and lines of credit that offer convenience when the periodic need for funds arises. While each of these options has different minimum requirements, we will underwrite for all available options and typically secure approvals within a few hours of receiving the necessary documents.

This client-oriented approach has allowed us to help thousands of small business owners get to the next level, as we’ve deployed over $1 billion in small business funding over the last decade-plus. Moreover, we’ve already introduced many innovative approaches to the alternative finance space and continue to explore ways to better assist. If your business could benefit from an influx of working capital for any purpose, we’d love the opportunity to explore your options with you. Our in-house bank doesn’t run hard credit pulls or require any personal guarantees to underwrite, so there is no downside in seeing what is available to you.

Call 512-686-7747 or submit your information via the Homepage to speak to a funding expert. You can also Apply Now quickly and securely if you are ready to get started ASAP. We look forward to helping you and are confident we can be an asset to your business!

*MobyCap is not investing in startup businesses at this time. We require a business to be operational for at least one year and generating at least $50k in gross revenue a month in order to provide funding.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Defined as current assets – current liabilities, working capital often refers to cash that small business owners use to facilitate day-to-day operations or take advantage of growth opportunities. Expansion is the largest challenge every small business faces, and access to working capital can be the difference between thriving and simply staying afloat.

Working capital can be used for virtually any purpose related to running and/or expanding a business. Common use cases include inventory, staffing/payroll, expansion and marketing, among others.

Because working capital can play a crucial role in a business’ growth trajectory, MobyCap has streamlined the process in the name of showing our clients all their options within a couple of hours of receiving the necessary documents. We offer same-day funding in many cases and can fund larger deals within 48 hours of approval.

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