All You Need to Know About Payment Processing


Marketing is now more digitized as compared to the previous decades since most businesses are now adapting to efficient means of payment such as online to capture more sales. Online payment is not only effective when making transactions in purchases, but also when organizations are doing business that requires fast and proficient methods of monetary exchange. Incorporating streamlined online payment processing is among the key factors that promote success but also enhances customer experience. Transitioning to online means of conducting business requires you to focus on three main factors which include Players, payment, and pricing. Understanding how your money gets to you goes a long way in assessing and securing your income.

Money Transfer

1. Players

Online payment options require the processing of credit and debit card payment which occurs via online means and also face to face. This process takes place online by connecting you, the business owner, to the customer via technology. The three key components for an online payment process include;

  • The trader
    As a business owner, you need to partner with a merchant bank that accepts payment online on behalf of your organization. The purpose of the merchant bank is to deposit acquired income into the trader’s account provided.
  • The Customer
    For an effective transaction, a customer needs a credit or debit card that is issued by an issuing bank, which guarantees the credibility of the customer.
  • Digital Means
    Two main components are usually crucial when carrying out an online transaction. The first is software that connects your business shopping cart to the network which processes the transaction and payment processor, which works closely with the merchant bank which deals with sending the organization a billing statement which simplifies the entire process.When it comes to online payment, as a business owner it is important to have a clear understanding of how money moves from your customer to your business. This process involves two key processes; the authorization process and settlement.

2. Pricing

Pricing covers all those who take part in ensuring that the money gets to your business and require payment. These include the issuing bank, merchant bank, and payment processor. There are four key areas where payment is required such as;

  • Interchange fee, where the issuer gets paid for each transaction.
  • The credit card associations also require a cut from the transaction fee.
  • The merchant bank takes a percentage fee for every transaction.
  • A payment processor takes a cut of the funds by charging an authorization fee.

Online payment has helped in transacting without using liquid cash which aids in reducing the risk of transmitting ¬†covid-19 and therefore saving and protecting the health of your business’s workforce and also your customers. Online payment is becoming more common across various service providers and not just because of health safety, but also because of the following reasons;

  • Companies that deal with payment processing relieve you of the burden of managing card detail which involves running it through an IMA.
  • It also saves you from setting up a secure payment system, which is not an easy task, with an increase in cyber insecurity.
  • Makes the processing of applications quicker as compared to IMA

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