Benefits of Leasing Equipment for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

Besides having loyal customers, businesses need the right tools to succeed. However, many medium-sized and small businesses find it challenging to buy the equipment. Luckily, there are alternative means of financing the business equipment other than paying for the tool at once. Equipment leasing is one such option.

What is Equipment Leasing?

Equipment leasing is when the business in question involves a leasing company’s service when acquiring the equipment. The firm then pays monthly dues to the leasing company while using the tool on rental terms. The equipment can be a piece of machinery or furniture.

The business pays the leasing company for the set period, and once done, they can extend the leasing period, end the leasing terms, or buy the leasing company’s equipment.

Advantages of Equipment Leasing

Below are reasons you should consider equipment leasing if you are small to medium-sized business owner.

  • No Significant Effect on Cash Flow The most significant advantage of equipment leasing is that you don’t have to spend a lot on the initial expenditure. Leasing companies make it easier for small to medium-sized businesses to rent the tool they need without breaking a sweat.

    Moreover, equipment leases hardly require any down payment. This makes it possible for small to medium business owners to rent the tool they need without affecting their cash flow.

  • Saves You MoneyMost small to medium-sized businesses lack adequate cash to buy new equipment. In case the owner buys the equipment, the company is bound to suffer financially before the money is recovered through profits.

    There is always something else that requires money other than buying equipment. For instance, the business can spend the money on hiring new staff,  increasing the stock, or even expanding the business premises.

  • Effortless Equipment UpgradeRenting business tools saves you from the inevitable event of the equipment becoming obsolete over time. Tools that tend to become obsolete within a short period include computers and other technical equipment.

    In case the equipment becomes obsolete, you are free to end the leasing agreement and lease other new and advanced equipment. Some leasing companies allow technological upgrades and replacements without having to break the leasing agreement. This is per the terms of the leasing contract.

    Furthermore, renting equipment allows you to use high-end equipment that you would otherwise not be able to afford.

  • Easy To AdapLeasing equipment makes it easy for your business to adapt to changes in the industry. For instance, if the company has leased machines that are no longer useful in the business, you can end the leasing contract and get other more suitable devices for your business. Leasing companies make it possible for small to medium-sized companies to remain flexible in terms of the equipment they use.
  • No Maintenance and Repair CostsAs long a business has some equipment, they have to think of maintaining and repairing the equipment. Even though some equipment costs more in repairing and maintaining them, a business that rents its equipment does not have to worry about the tool’s maintenance and repair. The leasing company handles the repair and maintenance of the equipment under the lease.
  • Effortless Disposal of EquipmentA business that has leased its equipment can entirely focus on its operations since they are not responsible for disposing of the equipment they hire. It is the responsibility of the leasing company to get rid of the outdated machinery.


Equipment leasing is an economical way to get the tools and machinery that your business needs when your budget is low. Thus, instead of stressing over the fact that you cannot afford a particular device, get in touch with MobyCap and let us help you lease the right equipment.

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