Increasing a Dentist’s Revenue by 40% in 6 months

Case Study: Rapid Expansion Through Strategic Hiring



A burgeoning dental practice located in a densely populated suburban area seized an unexpected opportunity to expand its operational capacity. The practice, known for its innovative dental solutions and patient-centric approach, faced a pivotal moment when a highly skilled dentist became available for hire. Recognizing the potential to double their patient handling capacity, the practice sought a swift financial solution to make the hire feasible.



Despite the clear opportunity for growth, the practice was confronted with the immediate challenge of securing the necessary capital to onboard the new provider. Traditional financing routes were too slow or stringent to meet the practice’s dynamic needs. The urgency to act quickly and secure the dentist’s expertise required an unconventional approach to funding.



MobyCap stepped in to provide a rapid tranche of expansion capital amounting to $150,000. This funding was tailored specifically to support the dental practice’s immediate need to hire the new provider without compromising their operational liquidity. MobyCap’s flexible and quick funding process, which considers more than just credit history, enabled the practice to make an offer to the new dentist promptly.



The impact of this strategic hire was both immediate and significant. Within just 6 months of the new dentist’s incorporation into the practice, there was a remarkable 40% increase in revenue. This surge not only validated the decision to expand the team but also accelerated the practice’s plans for physical expansion. Motivated by this success, the practice began laying the groundwork for opening a new location, effectively broadening their reach and service capabilities.



This case exemplifies how timely and flexible funding solutions like those offered by MobyCap can empower dental practices to capitalize on growth opportunities. By enabling the quick hire of a new provider, MobyCap played a pivotal role in doubling the practice’s capacity and significantly boosting its revenue. This strategic expansion underscores the potential for practices to evolve rapidly with the right support, paving the way for enhanced service delivery and greater patient satisfaction.

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