Overcoming Credit Hurdles for Healthcare Expansion

Case Study: Overcoming Credit Hurdles for Healthcare Expansion

Term: 10 months



In the competitive landscape of healthcare services, a privately-owned practice demonstrated remarkable success and a strong commitment to patient care. Positioned for growth, the practice identified an opportunity to extend its reach and services by opening a third location. However, despite the clear path for expansion and the practice’s established success, financing this growth proved challenging. Traditional lending avenues were obstructed by personal credit issues faced by the practice’s owners, threatening to stall their ambitious plans.


The primary obstacle was the stringent requirements of traditional banks, which heavily weighted personal credit history in their lending decisions. This practice, despite its proven track record and positive operating history, found itself at a critical juncture. The need for an alternative financing solution was clear, as the practice sought to navigate around the barriers imposed by conventional banking constraints and seize the timely opportunity for expansion.


Enter MobyCap, a financial partner known for its flexible and innovative approach to funding. Understanding the unique challenges faced by healthcare practices, MobyCap evaluated the practice’s application through a broader lens. By considering key operational data points beyond just credit history, such as the practice’s consistent growth and positive cash flow, MobyCap recognized the practice’s potential for further success. This comprehensive assessment allowed MobyCap to extend a $250,000 advance, specifically earmarked for the establishment of a new office location.


The infusion of capital from MobyCap was transformative. Within the 10-month term of the funding agreement, the healthcare practice not only successfully launched its third location but also began seeing a significant increase in patient volume. This expansion enabled the practice to offer its high-quality healthcare services to a wider community, reinforcing its position as a leader in the healthcare sector. Furthermore, the successful opening of the new location underscored the viability of alternative financing solutions in overcoming personal credit challenges, opening the door for future growth opportunities.


This case study highlights a pivotal moment for a healthcare practice, where the right financial partnership enabled it to overcome traditional lending barriers and achieve significant growth. MobyCap’s role in facilitating this expansion demonstrates the potential for specialized financial solutions to empower healthcare providers, ensuring their ability to serve more patients and contribute positively to community health outcomes. The practice’s successful expansion serves as a testament to the value of innovative financing approaches in the healthcare industry.

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