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Moby Capital provides business loans and alternative financing for private and publicly traded companies of all sizes. While our customers find us in several different ways, we are also a preferred partner on the Lending Tree platform, which is the largest connecter of merchants and business funders. We are proud to announce that for the most recent quarter we were named Top 3 in customer satisfaction among Lending Tree funders. We are extremely pleased to receive this recognition because our customers’ opinions are of the utmost importance to us. We understand the impact the proper financing can have on a business’ growth and do everything in our power to get our customers what they need as quickly and efficiently as possible. We are able to do this through several strategic advantages, including our resources, array of options, flexibility and experienced sales team.

Best Business Loan Company

MobyCap is a direct funder, meaning we can provide financing using capital we derive in-house.Our robust backing also allows us to provide amounts up to $2.5 million, whereas many industry competitors are capped at much lower amounts. For the most recent quarter, our average deal size is over $135,000 which is nearly four times higher than the industry average. We also do deals as small as $5,000, which allows us to work with businesses of all types and in most industries. This ability to help a wide range of merchants has allowed us to build a client base of thousands of companies to which we’ve provided over $1 billion in funding over the last decade.

Flexible Options for Business Loans

We also offer six different funding products, which allows us to leverage the healthiest parts of our customers’ businesses to get them the most favorable rates and terms available to them. In addition to Merchant Cash Advance, which is our bread and butter, we also offer SBA loans, Invoice Factoring, Term Loans, Equipment Financing and Business Lines of Credit. This affords us tremendous flexibility as we create customized funding solutions tailored to each of our clients’ needs.

Business Funding Experts

While we are a very technology-oriented organization, what sets us apart from many others is the human element of every deal. Each of our clients works directly with our dedicated sales agents, who walk them through the entire process and are always available via call, text and/or email. This allows our team to gain a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses, enabling us to make offers to merchants who might be turned away by companies that simply rely on computer programs to underwrite loans. It also helps us recognize when a business loan is not in the customer’s best interests, as we only strive to do deals that are beneficial.

The team at MobyCap plans to continue refining its approach with customer service and efficiency in mind. Given the current business landscape, we understand that our business loans carry more importance than ever to our customers. We take great pride in helping our customers accomplish their business goals and strive to help as many as possible moving forward.

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