Equipment Leasing

As many industries become more reliant on technology and machinery, the term “equipment” takes on a greater meaning. When the time comes to upgrade existing systems or purchase new equipment, businesses can incur significant costs. While these acquisitions are crucial to business development, their cost doesn’t always align with what the business can feasibly pay. Equipment leasing is a convenient solution that allows merchants to acquire the items they need without paying huge sums of money upfront.

While equipment leasing is similar to an equipment loan in some ways, it is quite different in others. The main difference is the structure of the deal, in which the lender provides the equipment and rents it to the client for an affordable monthly fee. Fees are usually flat because of the fixed terms and interest rates associated with equipment leasing. Our funding experts will always disclose the structure of the deal, which depends on the health of the business, openly and transparently. This gives merchants a clear idea of the cost of capital while allowing them to make informed business decisions.

Best Equipment Leasing Companies

The MobyCap team has helped clients in many different industries acquire the equipment they need to operate efficiently. Our unmatched connections in the industry allow us to move quickly so our clients can focus on immediate growth. This gives us a distinct advantage over most other equipment financing companies. Moreover, we offer a wide variety of other business funding solutions in addition to equipment leasing.

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