MobyCap offers business loans and alternative financing options designed to secure crucial working capital quickly and efficiently for our clients.


Revenue Advances


Term Loans


Business Lines of Credit


Customized Funding


Invoice Factoring


Equipment Leasing

Unlike traditional business loans, these solutions require minimal documentation and can be secured in mere days, rather than weeks or months. This allows our clients to easily secure the business funding they need to focus on growth in the present. Moreover, each of our solutions is transparently designed to give our clients a clear understanding of the cost of capital. With this in mind, they can plan accordingly for the weeks and months ahead.

Because MobyCap offers several customizable business funding products, we dedicate an expert to each account to clearly discuss all options. This personal touch, combined with the advanced technology we use, allows us to create lasting business relationships with our clients. We have successfully partnered with companies in a wide variety of industries and work with merchants of all sizes. Moreover, we’ve helped our long list of customers obtain amounts ranging from $50,000 up to $5 million. All in all, we’ve funded over $1 billion over the last decade and look forward to strong future growth. Solutions we offer include:

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*MobyCap is not providing funding for new/startup companies at this time. We require a business to be operational for at least one year and generating at least $50k per month in order to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions:

MobyCap can provide same-day funding up to $500k and can typically fund up to $2.5 million within three business days. The timeline is heavily dependent on the client’s qualifications and cooperation in terms of supplying the documents we need to move forward with the process.

To provide a quote we will need a signed Application along with the last three months of business bank statements. We require additional documents depending on the amount requested and the nature of the business.

A revenue advance is an alternative to business loans that affords the merchant access to funding in as little as one business day. Rather than tying the business to an interest rate over a period of time, a small percentage of future revenue is deducted until the debt is repaid.

A term loan is a business loan that is repaid in regular amounts over a fixed period of time, allowing the business to plan ahead while receiving vital short-term funding.

A business line of credit is a type of small business loan that allows a merchant access to funds up to a set limit while only paying interest on the amount actually borrowed.

Equipment leasing is a form of business financing in which the lender provides the merchant with a piece of machinery from an accredited dealer and rents it to them at a fixed monthly rate.

Invoice Factoring is a business funding solution that allows businesses to leverage outstanding accounts receivable to generate immediate cash flow.

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